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God bless

Please pray for my son who is struggling with his mental health and faith, and for me to find an excellent new job. I am thankful for the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

My mental health

I’d like to ask for a prayer to help with my severe depression/anxiety I’ve been battling for since the beginning of this year! I’m starting to go through a tough time again I feel like I can’t continue like this I’m slowly giving up. I’ve seeked help but I know with gods help everything is possible in the name of Jesus amen

prayer request

Please pray for me and my family that we could spend eternity with Jesus. Also for God’s wisdom to guide us. We are making some decisions and we need Jesus to help us. Pray for help regarding career and house and other things in Jesus’ name amen. I am also struggling with fear and anxiety. May God give me and my wife and children peace.