Month: April 2020


Please pray for Christie who is having a 5 hour back surgery on Monday December 30. Please pray that the surgery will be successful. Her last back surgery last summer was not successful. Thank you. Jesus I trust in you.


Please pray that my grandmother, Milda, and my aunt Maruca, are welcomed into the kingdom of God and that they passed with peace, forgiveness, and joy in their heart. Thank you! Lord hear my prayers……

financial Breakthrough

I have been going through a fire. I really need a lot of prayer right now praying4 financial situation. I’m 2months behind on rent&Im going through cancer.I’m living on disability I really shouldn’t be. I actually have a college degree. Things are going very wrong 4me.please pray for me. I’m believing God for a miraculous recovery VICTORY&Financial restitution &healing Jesus name Thank you for praying for my situation💜God bless you💜