prayer for grandson

Prayer for 8-year-old grandson, Chevy Adams, who has to have his spleen removed, and blood transfusion; Tue, April 23, tomorrow. He also has severe diabetes, which creates severe difficulty for this surgery. We praying for healing for this all boy and healthy life after surgery. This boy has had a difficult life for the last 8 years of his life, constantly having LOWS AND HIGHS, creating a stressful living, night and day. Mom Brandy stayed up every night until midnight just to take his BS to make sure he was ok, then she had a hard time sleeping to make sure he was ok. Then there was the day time and giving him the correct food. Now they (Brandy, Shane, and Chevy) have been flooded out of their home (for the 2nd time in 3 years) in Hamburg, Ia and can not get back in it to get anything out of the house. They did find Chevy’s kitten alive and that helped him to go on, but now he has to go to another school in Nebraska City, Ne, instead of Hamburg, Ia, because the whole town is destroyed. Please pray for this family who has gone through so much. Thank you for your help in prayers. Grannie Barbara Tanner