Welcome to Young Adult Ministries!

St. Michael’s Young Adult Group is a gathering of Catholic peers for authentic discussion and prayer. We welcome all Young Adults between the ages of 18 and 35, whether you are single and married, in college, out of college or already in the work force, to grow with us in faith.

We meet at St. Michael’s the Archangel Church, located at 19099 E. Floyd Ave., Aurora, CO 80013.

For more information, contact Amber at amber.mcculloch@comcast.net 

Visit our Facebook page. Check the Facebook page for event details, or sign up for Flocknote for e-mail updates.

Follow us on Instagram: stmikes.youngadults

To Follow Along with Our Bible Studies at Home, Log in to Formed!: https://formed.org


Meetings are held on Tuesday nights from 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the WhereHouse


Young Adult Events have been cancelled from March 16th to March 25th in accordance with guidance from the Archdiocese to cancel all large and non-essential events.
To keep connected, we will be doing regular challenges throughout the cancellations and lockdowns via Flocknote and our Instagram: @stmikes.youngadults Make sure to sign up and/or follow in order to take a part of them!
We will still be doing our Prayer Study for Lent remotely. Go to Formed.org (a free subscription through the parish!) and search for the “Into the Desert” Lenten Prayer Study! Feel free to contact Amber or Valentina in order to set up a time to talk about what you’ve learned by e-mailing amber.mcculloch@comcast.net


Throughout Lent, we will be doing a prayer study together on Formed.org, even with all the event shut downs! Log in through your parish subscription and find “Into the Desert” to get started!