Welcome to Young Adult Ministries!

St. Michael’s Young Adult Group is a gathering of Catholic peers for authentic discussion and prayer. We welcome all Young Adults between the ages of 18 and 35, whether you are single and married, in college, out of college or already in the work force, to grow with us in faith.

We meet at St. Michael’s the Archangel Church, located at 19099 E. Floyd Ave., Aurora, CO 80013.

For more information, contact Amber at amber.mcculloch@comcast.net 

Visit our Facebook page. Check the Facebook page for event details, or sign up for Flocknote for e-mail updates.

For specific events and studies the Young Adult Group can be split into two distinct groups to help better connect Young Adults with other Young Adult Catholics in the same life stage as themselves: 

  • College & Career
  • Committed, Engaged & Married 

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8th: Christmas Prayer Night Join us for a Christmas weekday prayer night, linked in between the Feast of the Epiphany and the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. 

15th: Catechism, Part 1 We will be introducing, or reintroducing, the purpose and basics of the Catechism. 

22nd: Catechism, Part 2 Building off of Part 1, we will be delving deeper into the use of the Catechism in our daily lives as Catholics and our struggle towards holiness 

29th: Movie Night For our social this month we will choose a movie to relax and watch together! 


5th: Prayer Night We will begin the month off right with prayer! 

12th: Ice Skating Social at Southlands Meet us at Southlands at 7 pm to enjoy a night out skating and eating good treats! 

19th: Catechism Part 3  We will continue using the Catechism to look at specific issues 

26th: Catechism Part 4  We will learn how to use the Catechism to look more deeply into questions we might have about the faith 



We will be ending the month with a Movie Night to grow in fellowship. Please check your Flocknotes or the Facebook page for updates on times and location for the movie night.