Middle School Youth Group


23rd: No Meeting, Happy Thanksgiving!

30th: Decorating Angel Trees- We will be doing charity for the parish by helping to decorate the Angel trees for the Advent and Christmas season. Come help decorate and learn the amazing history behind St. Michael’s Angel Trees! 


7th: New Year’s Advent Social- We will be celebrating the beginning of Advent with a brief explanation of what Advent is, and then we will be playing games, eating fun food and enjoying each other’s company. 

14th: Prayer: Infant Jesus- We will be focusing on what it means to pray  to the Infant Jesus during Christmastime. 

21st: Mountain Madness Meeting- There will be no middle school meeting this week. Instead, we are having an information meeting for parents and students attending Mountain Madness in February 2018. 

28th: No Meeting, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Join us on December 18th at  The Pond at Southlands for an Ice-Skating Night just for Middle Schoolers! We will be at The Pond from 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Feel free to bring friends and family. Pick up a permission slip from Youth Ministry if you are being dropped off without a parent! Bring money for skate rentals and snacks.

Contact Information

Director of Youth Ministry: Amber McCulloch
Office Telephone: (303) 690-6797 Ext. 318

E-mail: amber.mcculloch@comcast.net
Youth Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/stmichaelaurora.youthSMASH