Parent’s Baptism Registration


    The Church asks for the full, active participation of both parents in the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. For this reason BOTH parents and BOTH Godparents are requested to attend a Theology of Baptism (Baptism Preparation) class before the child's Baptism.

    Please note that you MUST choose ONE date to attend the Baptism Preparation Class.

    I would like to attend the Baptism Preparation Class on: (please click below to select one date)

    Are the Godparents attending the same Baptism Preparation class at St. Michael's? YesNo

    If yes, please add the godparents' full names here:

    Is the child's Baptism occurring at St. Michael's? YesNo

    If no, do you have paperwork from another parish that needs to be reviewed or signed? YesNo

    Are you registered member of St. Michael the Archangel? YesNo

    If no, at which parish are you registered?

    Please ensure you have selected a class date, downloaded the Baptism packet, read the packet fully, and bring the completed paperwork with you to class.