St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish in Aurora, Colorado

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Prayer Intentions

That we find a home for my mother. That I begin to excel at work. That I help to increase religion in my family.
For the intentions of my brothers. That we obtain the chess contract.

Pray God Steps In Please

Please pray. My husband told me he broke off his affair with his soon to be divorced employee at his faith based organization on my birthday- symbolic because I was left to assume he did this for me.He told me he turned his life around, is a strong Christian and said that I needed to support and believe him.I discovered that his was a complete lie and he was not only with her on my birthday but has slept with her every night since. He’s with her tonight. I am so tired of the lies, manipulation, mind games and him playing the Christian card. Please pray- I have sobbed all day as even more concrete evidence of his affair has poured in. I’ve prayed for months for this to end and my heart to heal but to no avail. Please pray this affair ends & he finally has true remorse!

prayer request

Hi everyone greetings from Paraguay,

If you are praying will you please remember me on your daily prayers?
I need your prayer for my perseverance in priesthood vocation.
I am seminarian for the Society of the Divine Word ( SVD) i am doing my pastoral year in Paraguay since September 2,2017 and i will be back to USA in July 23,2019 continue my theology study 3rd year at Catholic Theological Union (CTU).
If God willing i will profess my final vows on September 2020 and ordination on May 2021.
I hope that i am able to say mass at your community, if God willing.
Please pray for my perseverance in my vocation so i can become a holy priest.

Seminarian Fransiskus Santoso, SVD

prayer request for Cath for salvation,healing and pass her course in time

Please pray for Cath,Lord to heal her from Anxiety,depression,phobias,every evil bindings of sin,communication and behavioral problems,pain in her mind,body and soul,every physical and mental illness,and fill her with Holy Spririt,give her wisdom,peace,joy,patience,and Holiness, wisdom,guidance,strength to live &complete her assignments,exams in time and pass her course in time with HD marks and to get a suitable placement,and Grad year in the same hospital.Lord, please make her every relation as it should be. Prepare a God-fearing Catholic boy and family for her and let them get married in Your time.Bless their next 7 Generations too.Thanks

prayer for grandson

Prayer for 8-year-old grandson, Chevy Adams, who has to have his spleen removed, and blood transfusion; Tue, April 23, tomorrow. He also has severe diabetes, which creates severe difficulty for this surgery. We praying for healing for this all boy and healthy life after surgery. This boy has had a difficult life for the last 8 years of his life, constantly having LOWS AND HIGHS, creating a stressful living, night and day. Mom Brandy stayed up every night until midnight just to take his BS to make sure he was ok, then she had a hard time sleeping to make sure he was ok. Then there was the day time and giving him the correct food. Now they (Brandy, Shane, and Chevy) have been flooded out of their home (for the 2nd time in 3 years) in Hamburg, Ia and can not get back in it to get anything out of the house. They did find Chevy’s kitten alive and that helped him to go on, but now he has to go to another school in Nebraska City, Ne, instead of Hamburg, Ia, because the whole town is destroyed. Please pray for this family who has gone through so much. Thank you for your help in prayers. Grannie Barbara Tanner

John Bonds

Praying for strength, comfort and healing for John Bonds and his family as he is currently fighting for his life barreling multiple health issues including kidney failure and lung cancer. Guide his health providers and send your love down on his family.