St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish in Aurora, Colorado

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Please pray protection for my job because, my supervisor is telling lies on me and trying to get me fired. I work for FEMA as a IT Specialist. I have been deployed since June 4, 2019 and worked in multiple locations. I never had a problem with anyone and I don’t understand why this person is making trouble.
Please protect me from these evil energies. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Please pray for my son Noel and for his blessed healthy childhood and for his hapiness and all of his needs and for me and Snježana that we are the best parents in the world ever and for my family( Snježana, Dominik, Lucija, Goran, Stipan, Vesna, Nino, Mićo) and me and our protection from evil and for all needs and for financial buisness and job blessings and faitfulness to God and to each other
And that God forgive us our sins and that would mercifull upon us poor sinners
And for our sanctity
Thank You God
Thank you all


Please pray for Grant- Divine Mercy, grace, favor, forgiveness. That all hearts are softened toward him and his heart to Jesus. Let Goes justice prevail and dismiss the wrongful thing they are trying to do to him.Amen


Please watch over me and protect me. I don’t understand why this continues to happen. I feel so hurt and I’m scared more bad stuff is going to happen. Thank you.


Please prayer for Alexi who was in a terrible motorcycle accident while riding with her dad. Please pray for Cory, Cindy, and Kathy who have terminal illnesses. Please for 2 3 year old who are battling leukemia. Thank you


please pray that I am healed of all unhealed wounds and send all bad karma from a backlash and save my soul through life force energy from a healing cup from Jesus and pray my time and space are healed after a life after death experience and send away Satan from me and save Viola Cleo Bradshaw soul and Elad Zechariah Kamphuijs soul.