St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish in Aurora, Colorado

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please send the evil spirit of abduction, stalking and abuse and hatred away from me and my family and pray that my cancer is cured on my face and my brain, and pray that I recieve God’s love,  and be healthy and happy.

Please pray for my family and me. Thank you. GOD bless you

Please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, please always heal, bless and protect Kathryn, Lauren, Tom and me with your Holy peace, protection, good health, and joy. I love you Jesus. Please hear this prayer request and the prayer requests of all those praying all over the world. Amen.

I am begging you my Sacred Heart of Jesus to help Tom and me with work to be successfully employed until we retire. We need you dearest Jesus. I am so sorry for my sins my Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you my dear Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Prayer request for J.T to get a suitable job and to get salvation

Please pray for J.T to get complete healing from depression,Asperger’s, behavioral and communication problems, hurt, hatred, jealousy, lust, mind setting and every evil bindings of sin and to get Salvation and to get filled with Holy spirit and to get a suitable job in the field he done studies.Lord, please be with him ,guide his ways,Make his every relation as it should be and prepare a God fearing girl and family for him and let them get married in Your time.Bless his next 7 generations too.Thanks