St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish in Aurora, Colorado

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Prayer Miracle Request

Please help me pray to save my marriage. My wife Leah left 12 mo ago and no communication. And my family business & home are going through a lot of financial turmoil. We need a financial miracle. I ask to cancel any evil affecting me or my family now and forever. I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to help me and my family with grace and blessings. Amen! Thank you and May God Bless your work and grant your prayers.

Reliable CAr

I was in terrible car accident which the person who hit me wrecked my car and totaled it . I was bless which money from accident . I would like prayers for a bless of a new car that’s reliable and worth my money before this Monday amen


Please pray for me to get filled with love and divine energy. I lost my job as they went bankrupt, now situation is bad, losing mind due to financial problems and unable to find new work. Please pray for breakthrough and blessings. Thanks


I hurt my friend and his wife. I betrayed them. Please pray that the anger subsides, and healing begins. Please pray they forgive me. Please pray I forgive myself. Please pray that God forgives me.