Ministry Description

St. Vincent DePaul

We provide shelter, housing, food, clothing, household goods, fuel, RTD passes, Rx, minor home and auto repair assistance in addition to visiting and helping nursing center residents.



The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVdP), a charitable organization dedicated to the service of the poor, was established by French university students in Paris in 1833, led by the Blessed Frederic Ozanam. The first SSVdP chapter in the United States was established in 1845 in
St. Louis, Mo.

Membership in the United States totals some 172,000 in 4,600 communities. The national headquarters is in St. Louis. Members of the Society are known as “Vincentians,” after St. Vincent de Paul, the patron of the organization. Vincentians are organized into “Conferences,” a group of volunteers who gather together to grow spiritually and offer person-to-person service to those in need or living in poverty.

Fr. Terry Kissell initiated the formation of our conference in April 2011. We are one of 24 conferences that are part of the Denver Metro Council of the SSVdP. Our food collection goes to Catholic Charities’ Little Flower facility and we sometimes partner with Catholic Charities for financial assistance. We also work with our SSVdP Denver Metro office and other parish conferences.

Our funding is based on a fixed amount from St. Michael’s, grants, individual donations, King Sooper gift card usage, and Poor Box contributions.

Please remember to reload and use your reloadable gift card!  We need your continued support.



Some individuals and families in our community are in need of assistance. 

Our Client Team helps individuals and  families in our community with financial  assistance and other forms of support on a  confidential basis.  We meet face-to-face with people in working out  solutions to short-term rent, utilities, food, clothing and related problems.       Members of our team commit to responding to telephone calls for help  during one out of every six weeks or so.  They work as two-person teams listening  to about ten calls a week and making a maximum two or three home visits. 

Our Eldercare Team provides a bridge to the outside  world for residents of nursing centers.  Many of the elderly have few visitors.  Our team spends time with residents on a one-on-one basis.  Even a short visit from one of our team brightens the day for the residents.  Our team members may help write a letter, pick up something at a store, or just chat.  You select times that work for you.




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